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Denman Tire & Rubber Company

Submitted by Richard K. Fleischer

This company was organized in 1919 and made automobile tires and tubes. The plant was located on a site known as the old Matthews farm. The original plant covered 40,000 sq. ft. It was originally known as the Denman-Myers Cord Tire Co. Officers of the company were E. H. Peck, president, H. F. Webster, VP., Louise M. Harper, secretary, and F. W. Stillwagon, treasurer.

On April 1, 1926, Denman was taken over by the Fidelity Tire & Rubber Co. which about doubled the capacity of the company and added 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space for warehouse, shipping and receiving facilities. New machinery added were mixers, tote pans, rubber rolling machines, a huge calendar, and vulcanizers. Pure rubber comes into the plant from Malaysia and comes in smoked sheets and bailed. Wild rubber is also used and comes in cowhide cases. The plant employs about 220 people, including salaried employees. From Makers of Warren 1930.

I think the plant became the Denman Tire Co. again by 1939 and eventually had 260 employees at one time.

This company also made tires for military vehicles.