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Cortland Opera House

Submitted by Sally Lane In 1987 this building was known as the “Grange.” Before that it was unofficially called the Opera House, but its real name was Kline’s Hall. Before that it was the town’s Methodist church and faced North High Street.  Before that, from…

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Viets, Vivian Vera (1900-1994)

Submitted by Sally Lane The Viets Sisters, Keepers of the Town’s History Cortland’s Viets sisters, Vivian Vera and Wilhelmin grew up listening to, then writing down, the early stories about their hometown. Their parents and grandparents. were part of the earliest generations of people to…

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Millar, Addison Thomas (1860-1913)

Submitted by Sally Lane As a boy living in Cortland in the 1870s and early 1880s, Addison Millar was always drawing, sketching, painting, and dreaming about art. In his late teens, Addie, as he was called locally, won three consecutive awards as a teenager from…

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