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Sutliff, Phebe Marvin (1822-1914)

Submitted by Melissa Karman, The Sutliff Museum

Phebe Lord Marvin Sutliff (1822-1914) was born on July 1 in Bazetta Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Captain Joseph Templeton Marvin (1772-1873) and Temperance Miller (1781-1864), who owned 1000 acres of land in Bazetta.

She was the second wife of Trumbull County lawyer, abolitionist, and Underground Railroad conductor, Levi Sutliff. Originally raised in the Presbyterian Church, Mrs. Sutliff grew up to be a devout Baptist and became a Sunday school teacher. She was an active member of the Temperance Crusade Movement in the mid-nineteenth century that advocated for the outlaw of the consumption and production of alcohol.

Phebe Lord Marvin Sutliff died in 1914 in Warren, Ohio.