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Clingan, Margaretta Thomas (1869-1952)

Submitted by Niles Historical Society

Margaretta Thomas Clingan (1869-1952), daughter of John R. Thomas(1834-1898), founder of the Niles Fire Brick Company, and Margaret Morgan(1834-1918) and sister to Congressman W. Aubrey Thomas. She married Thomas Omar Clingan, a medical doctor, in 1888 and the family had four children-Margaret Clingan, Elizabeth Clingan, John R. Thomas Clingan and Thomas O Clingan. Margaretta graduated from Old Central High School, then led in the movement for the construction of McKinley High School(Edison Jr. High) built in 1914 on Church Street. 

Known locally as a philanthropist, she helped in establishing Central Park with the Thomas Pavilion donated by Margaretta T. Clingan and Mary T. Waddell after the Old Central School was demolished, personally donating the funds necessary, and was the most energetic leader in promoting the McKinley Memorial.

After her death in 1952, her children, Mrs. John Hosack, T.O. Clingan and her grandchildren, gave the family mansion, located on South Main Street, to provide a Niles YMCA for the city.